Qi Realm

Cultivators can gather additional Qi of lower denomination in outer world. Only Qi from outer world can be used for cultivating the inner world

Qi Accumulation:

Advancement: Gather Qi

Requirement: Ingest something with Qi inside. The larger the amount the harder it is to control, but can skip the earlier phases

Techniques: have parts that suck Qi into them. They waste much Qi in the process. Techniques just the requirement of certain Qi amounts-> spells have long chants

Satisfactory: 10% impurities

Complete: 1% impurities

Perfect: 0% impurities

Foundation Building:

Advancement: Liquify the gathered Qi through refinement

Requirement: ingest a foundation building realm liquid to start the process

Techniques: can use Qi actively-> less loss-> more power/intricacy

Techniques also have control requirements

Satisfactory: murky white Qi

Complete: milky white Qi

Perfect: snow white Qi

Core formation:

Advancement: spin the core to integrate the liquid Qi

Requirement: ingest core or seed or use pill for false core

Techniques: Can project Qi outside the body and mimic Spells or Sword Qi that can be controlled intricately -> Chant-less and thus varied Spells (No need for incantations and matrices) / Every cultivator has at least mid-range abilities and projectiles can be influenced mid-flight

Satisfactory: Fist-sized core

Complete: Eye-sized core

Perfect: Seed-sized core

Spirit Realm

Spirit Development:

Advancement: Nurture the Spirit by processing the shattered core into Spirit Qi

Requirement: Shatter Core

Techniques: Simulate Natural Phenomena / Abilities with Qi to form attacks, Gain a soul sense, Soulbound items possible (Very few)

Satisfactory: Blurry outline

Complete: Human-shaped Spirit / Spirit shaped like beast race (without features)

Perfect: Spirit with defined features

Spirit sentience: 

Advancement: Nurture Spirit and mind with Spirit Qi to strengthen them for the integration, capture additional spirits and repeat the process

Requirement: Remove a part of your consciousness and seal it in spirits

Techniques: Multicasting, Attacks on other spirits possible,

Satisfactory: 1 Spirit

Complete: 2 Spirits

Perfect: 3 Spirits

Spirit Transformation:

Advancement: Fuse the Spirits back into one's self to gain increasingly greater benefits

Requirement: Seal a spirit Item in a spirit to transform it

Techniques: Can transform Spirit Into one of 3 different states

  1. Transformation: Transforms cultivator or at least part of him
  2. Item: Gains accessory with different effects
  3. Companion: Gains companion that can be summoned to assist

Cultivator can then temporarily fuse with the spirits to gain their enhancements

Satisfactory: Perfectly fuse with 1 Spirit

Complete: Perfectly fuse with 2 Spirits

Perfect: Perfectly fuse with 3 Spirits

Physique Realm

Life Destruction:

Advancement: Slowly reform the body and up to 3 Clones with Vital Qi and treasures

Requirement: Build up energy in the body and disintegrate it until only the Soul and the 3 Spirits are left

Techniques: Mind attacks much more effective, but physical damage almost nonexistent

Satisfactory: 1 Clone

Complete: 2 Clones

Perfect: 3 Clones

Spirit Constitution:

Advancement: Develop Spirit world inside body with the item that can store incorporeal enities

Requirement: Integrate an item with space law inside body

Techniques: Project spirit world into the outside world. Integrated spirits can then fight for host

Satisfactory: Spirit World in Torso

Complete: Spirit World in Torso and Extremities

Perfect: Spirit World in Head, Torso and Extremities

Body of Laws:

Advancement: Temper the Body to Incorporate Laws into the Spirit World

Requirement: Build up energy in the body and disintegrate it

Techniques: Integrated Laws benefit the user when summoned with World of Laws

Satisfactory: World of Laws in Torso

Complete: World of Laws in Torso and Extremities

Perfect: World of Laws in Head, Torso and Extremities

Law Seeker:

Advancement: Search for manifestation laws in nature which one tries to understand and emulate

Requirement: Observe and understand the manifestation of a law


Law Development: Refine the the understood laws together into personal law

Law Exhibition: Create Manifestation of personal law